Good corporate governance makes good sense.


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White Stone has been established in the very strong belief that all organisations, regardless of size, should be able to access excellent advice and governance resources without the constraint of restrictive charge-out rates and the sense of being just one of many.  We offer all our clients an individual service.


White Stone can of course assist with compliance matters such as filing annual returns and maintaining the statutory registers (using Blueprint) but our skills can offer far more to our clients



Good company governance is essential for building your customers’ confidence and ensuring a peaceful relationship with the regulatory bodies.  There are strict guidelines on the handling of company decisions but without expert knowledge and the time to keep up to date with the frequent changes in company legislation it can be very easy to neglect a critical stage and, without knowing it, make your transaction illegal or null and void.



It takes 15 to 20 years to train a good company secretary and the cost of employing someone with this amount of expertise is out of the question for many companies especially as there is unlikely to be the daily need for their services.

But all companies have a legal requirement to complete tasks of a company secretarial nature and those tasks often fall on the desk of the Finance Director/Treasurer or the accountant who may have a postage stamp knowledge of the requirements, but this is not their skill nor the reason they were hired.

Apart from providing consultancy services as and when needed, White Stone can help you by offering training to your staff.